How to make Art consistently ?


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So, you wanna be an “Artist” or you are already an Artist! Art is such a wide term that you can’t even imagine, it has many mediums, forms, styles, etc. And being consistent helps us to improve, and try different things in it.
There are four simple ways to be Consistent in Art

    Yes, this is the first simple step you have to follow. Draw a crow, a book, laptop….just draw anything! Maintain a small sketchbook and in the first page write the numbers of the month and tickmark the date when you finish each day.
    Draw your day – draw the day from when you woke up, what you ate, whom you met, your mood etc. This is just like how you write your diary everyday. The only difference is there you Ink and here you Draw. This allows you to explore things in your day to day life in a artistic way.
    Yes, make bad art. It is not necessary while drawing everyday you make good art, there are days when you make really bad art and honestly speaking I used to feel really bad when I didn’t make good art ,soon I had realised that the only important thing is to make Art. Good or bad it doesn’t matter!
    When you follow up one week of making Art then “Reward Yourself” with any good thing like your favourite fruit, or one episode of your favourite show and never reward yourself with things like pizza, burger, playing games non-stop, whole night party etc because it becomes developing a habit instead of a good one. The best thing you can reward yourself is that you can buy a New Art Supply which motivates you to do more and more.

That’s all you can follow to be consistent at Art. Keep practicing and keep drawing.

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  2. Neni

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