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Have you ever wondered how much impact does every Colors has on your day to day life.

Here are some of the some of the amazing facts which one needs to know if they want to improve their

Product assessment takes 90 sec

between 62% and 90% of this judgment is based on color alone 

Color impression is responsible for 60% of the acceptance or rejection of a product 

and is 80% of brand recognition

For 84,7% of consumers, color is the main reason why they buy a particular product

2 out of 3 of them will not buy a large appliance unless it comes in their preferred color

About 8% of men and 0.5% of women suffer from color blindness

Heinz changed the color of their signature ketchup from red to green and sold over 10 million bottles in the first 7 months, resulting in $23 million in sales


Impulsive buyers 

  • red-orange, black and royal blue
  • most common in clearance sales, outlet malls and fast food establishments

Shoppers on a budget 

  • navy-blue and teal
  • banks, larger department stores 

Traditional buyers

  • rose, sky-blue and pink  
  • most likely to be found in clothing stores



  • the most emotional color
  • life, excitement, boldness
  • increases the heart rate and creates urgency, that’s why it is used in clearance sales

Brands that use red: KFC, Lays, Keloggs, Avis, Mabisco, Time, Red Bull, Nike, Colgate, McDonald’s, Nintendo, Ace Hardware, Virgin, Coca-Cola

Popular for food, technology, transport and agricultural industries.

Questionable for health care and household.

Unpopular for energy, finance, airplane and cloths


  • one of the more popular colors as it is best seen by everyone, even colorblind people
  • the most commonly used color in today’s websites and branding
  • It is favored by 57% men and 35% women
  • productivity, tranquility, trust 
  • banks and businesses choose it to communicate security to clients

Brands that use blue: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pepsi, Skype, General Electric, Oral-B, Ford, IBM, PayPal, Visa

Popular for energy, finance, airplane, technology, health care, agriculture

Questionable for household

Unpopular for clothes, food, cars


  • growth, nature, harmony 
  • it is used in many stores to help customers relax

Brands that use green: Whole Food, Subway, Animal Planet, The Body Shop, Spotify, Holliday Inn

Popular for energy, finance, food, household, technology

Questionable for healthcare 

Unpopular for airplanes, clothes, car


  • ambition, enthusiasm, confidence
  • call to action: sell, buy or subscribe

Brands that use orange: Nickelodeon, Hooters, Fanta, Harley Davidson,

Popular for healthcare and technology

Questionable for food, household, agriculture

Unpopular for  energy, finance, airplane, cars clothes

(?)Web colour orange, defined as FFA500, is the only named colour defined in CSS that is not also defined in HTML 4.01


  • authority,power, elegance
  • the most popular choice for marketing luxury products

Brands that use black: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Jaguar, Blackberry, Mont Blanc

Popular for technology, clothes, cars

Questionable for agriculture and household

Unpopular for energy, finance, healthcare, food

White (silver)

  • perfection
  • in advertising is associated with coolness and cleanliness
  • simplicity in high-tech products

Brands that use white: Apple, Ralph Lauren, Asos, Honda

Popular for clothes, healthcare, card,charity

Questionable for energy, airplanes, technology, household, agriculture

Unpopular for finance and food


  • wealth, power, royalty
  • is most often found in anti-aging or beauty products chromatics

Brands that use purple: Yahoo, Taco Bell, Craiglist, Crown Royal, Cadbury

Popular for finance, technology, health care

Questionable for airplanes, clothes, household, cars

Unpopular for energy and agriculture


  • joy, intellect, energy
  • often associated with food
  • brands use yellow to evoke cheerful feelings

Brands that use yellow: National Geographic, Shell, Hertz, Caterpillar, DHL, Pennzoil, Yellow Pages

Popular for energy, food, household

Questionable for healthcare and agriculture

Unpopular for finance, airplane, clothes, car


Poor website navigability and poor overall design are the reasons why online shoppers choose not to purchase

92.6% find the visual as №1 influencing factor affecting their purchase decisions 

42% of shoppers base their opinion of a website on overall design 

and 52% won’t return because of overall aesthetics  

Preferences by age

<35 y.o. : vivid and brighter colors 

>35 y.o. : darker and more relaxing 

Preferences by gender

Women prefer soft colors and are more receptive at tints like most: blue, purple, green dislike most: orange, brown, gray

Where as Men like bold colors, more likely to select shaded of colors

mostly blue, green, black

dislike most: brown, orange, purple

Call-to-action button color

Color change in CTA produces about:

6.5% increase in add-to-cart rate

9% increase in overall conversion rate  

13.5% conversion rate increase in mobile users 

Red, orange and green are the best colors for conversions, but only if  they stand out

Success cases

Dmix increased conversions by 34% after they changed CTA to red 

HubSpot’s red button outperformed green button by 21%, based on 2000 website visits

For Beamax, there was a 53.13% increase in clicks of red link compared to the original blue 

In a competition held by Visual Website Optimizer, the winner between :

white button with green text

green button with white text 

and red (darker orange) button with white text was the latter, with 5% better conversion

Performable got 21% increase of conversion from changing green button to red

BMI’s red color on CTA increased conversions by 2.5%

Extra Storage Space got 7.8% increase in online reservations after changing the CTA button from blue to orange

Ript got 6.3% increased sales changing green to yellow


changing the CTA button “Sign Up Here!” from green to yellow increased conversion by 175%

Unbounce declared that Big Orange Button (BOB) is the future of CTA buttons 

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