7 ways to become a PRO ARTIST


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You love to draw and sketch and desire to become a Pro ? Then, you are at the right place, I am a self taught Artist and I will tell you 7 ways to become a PRO ARTIST

1. JUST STARTI know that this sounds a bit weird but most of us just build castles in clouds and dreams to become a pro. You have to start drawing right away without giving any excuses.

2. TOOLS DOESN’T MATTER – So, this is the most common excuse which I hear from people they say, ” I dont have Steadler pencil to draw like Pro Artist ” Draw with what you have any pencil and paper is enough to do wonders with your potential and talent

3. DRAW YOUR DAY – You have grabed your pencil and ready to draw but dont know what to draw ! Just Draw your day, whether you have watched any binge, or gone for walk with your pet or made pancakes scribble that scene when you went for a walk, or draw your pancake or the web series actor.

4. SET A TIMER NOW – So, you are scribbling and someday you may feel like I ” I dont want to drawing anything today “, then this is the right time to set a timer for 5 minutes because this is will make you to maintain a consistency and draw everyday.

5. SET LIMITATIONS – You have to set limitations for your Artwork. It could be restricting yourself to one shape or one colour or maybe drawing on a specific topic which makes you to think in a different way and empower your creativity.

6. READ – Read Articles related to Drawing, from this you will get knowledge about different art supplies, methods, artists, right tools to use as a beginner.

7. LEARN MORE – You have to learn different techniques to draw! you can learn from My own YouTube Channel where I teach the easiest way to improve your Art quickly.

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